Mobility as a Service - Intelligent Vehicle and Traffic Growth Program (MaaS)

With numerous companies offering cutting edge solutions and seamless cooperation between public and private organisations, Finland is known as a global leader in smart mobility. We have innovative companies for both intelligent traffic and vehicle, as well as world leading knowledge and platforms for a Mobility as a Service concept. Here's a snapshot of Finnish offering on smart mobility.

Intelligent vehicles
Finland has an extensive mobile ecosystem and true understanding of design and end-user needs. Stir in a clear vision, strong ICT tradition and expertise in robotics and work machinery, and you get cutting-edge innovations that connect you with your vehicle.

Intelligent traffic
The Finnish government stresses deregulation and is committed to promoting intelligent traffic management. Finland is currently building an information-based road transport infrastructure and offers wide 4G coverage with significant 5G development going on.

Mobility as a Service
Finland is a global pioneer in developing an open innovation platform for mobility services. The Helsinki Model aims at raising the standard of transportation service by harnessing the passion and ability of both the public and private sectors. As an example, Finland hoststhe world's first MaaS ecosystem "roadmap 2025" with open APIs for companies to test their solutions.

Testing platforms
With top grade arctic snow-how, Finland is set to become the leading test environment for intelligent automated road transport. Guaranteed cold climate testing of automated vehicles is already under way in Northern Finland, while the Helsinki region is running electric busses as a testing platform.

Furthermore, Finland is the only country to allow automated driving test without a driver inside the vehicle and welcomes automotive companies investing in R&D.

For more information, please contact: Mikko Koskue, Senior Advisor, Program Director mikko.koskue(at)

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Growth Program

The program aims at boosting the business of the Finnish companies acting in the field of digitalization. Target end-customer segments are vehicle industry, intelligent traffic services and mobility services providers. Target markets being initially Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, United States and South Korea.

Changes in global markets are boosting new business

Digitalization is dramatically affecting business ecosystems around vehicle and traffic sectors. A new untapped key driver is a Mobility as a Service (in other words Smart Mobility). Team Finland Growth Program aims to boost exports of the Finnish services and technologies and to bring growth to Finland.

Goals of the Growth Program

  • Challenge Finnish companies to see and act upon the business opportunities identified at global markets 
  • Enable concrete business activities for the Finnish companies on selected target markets
  • Increase awareness of Finland as one of the leading countries operating on Mobility as a Service basis 
  • Increase awareness of Finland as a great investment target for MaaS related innovation work 

Growth Program Services

  • Increased visibility for Finnish offering at target markets
  • Identification of potential growth markets
  • Identification of potential clients/partners
  • Clustering of Finnish offering
  • Increased visibility for Finnish offering at target markets
  • Ect.

Check what the growth program can offer HERE

Want to know more? Please contact us: 

Mikko Koskue, Senior Advisor, Program Director mikko.koskue(at)
Jouni Salonen, Program Manager, jouni.salonen(at)
Minna Juuti, Senior Program Coordinator, minna.juuti(at)